Is there any benefit to using fibre optic cabling in an office environment. (Server apps, email, data backup. internet)

I have an office with 40 computers hooked of the network with computers upto 175ft from the hubs/server. The office is shaped in a big "T" shape. Would it be possible to fibre optic a backbone in the "T" shape and connect the computers to the FIBRE....Or Am I way out of place and potentially going to be way out of money.

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For your cabling issue, I think its possible, but it would be expensive and likely not give you too much of a performance boost over some higher end CAT cable unless you're seriously bottlenecking your network. But, I'm no expert nor aficionado on fiber optic cabling. It may be cheaper these days. Type it into a search engine and see what you come up with for prices?

One problem I do see, though, is the requirement of special expansion cards for the use of fiber optic cables- they have different connectors and things. This is likely where the expense will be.

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I suggest you don't bother with fibre for connecting the PC's for various reasons.

1) users more likely to damage cable

2) you need to get networks cards for each PC with fible connectors or you get fibre to copper converters for each PC.

At end of day day depends on what your users are using PC's for, how quick network connections needs to be, etc etc. I also assume from your description that you only have one building ? If you need to go outside then you should use fibre to prevent lightning strikes.

You may find benefit in using fibre for your back up system because you may get higher transfer rates and therefore backup will be quicker. Again depends on how you are backing up, how many servers, how quick it has to be done, etc.

Come back if you have more questions, I have designed and installed fibre networks for companies.