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Good thing too, otherwise I wouldn't have seen your thread among the thousands that are posted here everyday. :icon_rolleyes:

I think what you'll find, though, is that there aren't nearly as many GUI programmers compared to text-app writers in the *nix world as there are in Windows or Mac. I've done GUI programming in Mac OS X and Windows, but never in Linux.

Not that I'm trying to discourage you from writing a GUI, but not very many people will be able to offer suggestions for you. If I were to choose, I'd probably use QT if my target platform was Linux, but wxWidgets if my target was more multi-platform. And I've never really programmed with Java, so I wouldn't know.


Java's SWT or swing or how they call it is the worst user interface you can see nowdays ...

Gah! So true. I actually did a little research, because I thought you were wrong. I use java extensively enough to be comfortable with it, and I remember using the system get look and feel(), which should default to the native OS look and feel.

Of course, this works wonderfully with MACs and windows. Unfortunately, this isn't so true for Kde (not gnome mind you).

Which is a major pain! Sun get your act together, gnome Look and feel sucks ass.

Looks like it's QT then. Argh. More work I guess.


Has anyone even used QT, on linux, it would be interesting to hear opinions from ppl who have used it.


Whatever. But if you don't post any error messages or exact problems that you're experiencing, the only thing we can do is pity you.


Well I tried but it is so confusing. I had to unpack/ untar it or whatever that means.

Then, I have to make it. Then clean it, then remake it again? Which took about half an hour?

Maybe if I try to install it from Yast? Would that be any easier.

I'll post some error msgs later...


>Then, I have to make it.
Pretty normal for any *nix system.

>Then clean it, then remake it again?
Uh, no. make clean just removes all the intermediate files that resulted from the compilation process. So you're just redoing everything. No wonder it took so long.

>Maybe if I try to install it from Yast? Would that be any easier.
Yep, that's a bit easier.

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