"The Dog Deleted My Homework"

Now that I am teaching, I have come across several odd excuses people gave for missing their examinations or not showing up on time:

- "Yesterday was Monday??? You're kidding!!!" (She accidentally set her clock back a day when setting it back an hour for Daylight-Saving Time.) --- Wins the Strangest Award!

- "I forgot."

- "I had to go visit my cousin in Chicago."

- "The police had the roads blocked off." (This one was true. What police thought was a sniper turned out to be a law student shooting at his tort-law textbook in the parking lot of his apartment building. But they blocked off all traffic on the two highways that go from the center of town to the college - they pass on opposite sides of the apartment complex. I wouldn't have been there either, except that I knew another way to get there using back roads.)

- "My boss scheduled me to attend a sales convention in Chicago." (She had a note signed by the boss, so I granted taking the test with another section on a different date.)

- "I got a speeding ticket trying to get here on time for the test."

- "My computer account was suspended for playing games online." (He showed up, but couldn't log in to open the test.)

- "My 4WD got stuck in mud in my driveway." (An hour late for a 3-hour test, and I lose the computer room at the end of the three hours.)

- "I was too busy reporting my car stolen." (Police towed it for illegal parking.)

- "I'm pregnant, and my due date is the date of the test, so I might not be there." (Fortunately, she attended. The birth was two days later.)

- The 12:30 bus didn't come. (Granted. That bus was in a traffic accident.)

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"I am/was suffering from weakness." ( I'd like to see his weakness when my pet dog runs like hell after him ;) )


If Anonymous won't give their name, how do you know they aren't part of the 51%?

Better leave it for the statisticians to figure it out. And yes, this statement is also a statistics. So, there are 51% chances that it is right. (which again is a statistics)

make them up.



Got it. But I'm one of the rarer species that comes under the remaining 14%. I've seriously read this thing somewhere long back.


back to the actual topic:

My friend turned up for his uni finals only to be told 'Your exam was yesterday'. His excuse? 'I was passed out all of yesterday due to vodka, so I thought you'd let me take the test today'


The funniest one I ever heard was:

"It is in my dads car, he is driving to Germany. But, I might be able to get it to you after break."


Not exactly on topic, but I just found this comment on a paper I'm grading. Student did not complete the (handwritten) code portion, but left this at the bottom:

Click...oops, bumped the power strip, the computer shut down...


I had a friend wake up half-way through one of his finals once...

In bed, or at his desk?


Click...oops, bumped the power strip, the computer shut down...

That DID happen during one of the exams.

Fortunately, it was in Access, which saves everything. I recovered the file, and had the student finish on another computer (the power cord kept falling out of the back of the computer by itself).

Another weird thing that happened was that the keyboard on one computer locked up. But I found the trouble: the girl's huge purse was pressing the escape key.

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