I was wondering if someone could help me a bit here. Im trying to
desing an electronic university students enrollement system.

The system requirements are as follows:
1.Students can enroll themself for 1 or more courses. And a course can be taken from 1 or more students.
2. There are 2 levels of courses. Level 1 is a course of 1 day and level 2 is a course of 5 days.
3. The students will be divided in groups. So 1 students can be in 1 or more groups and a group can consist of 1 or more students.
4. Teacher can teach 1 or more courses but a course can only be given by 1 teacher.
5. The course will end with an exam.
6. The students can take the exam only if they attend to the minimum required days of the course. If a student is taken a level 1 course, they must attend 1 day to the course. If a student is taken a level 2 course, they must minimum attend 3 days of the course.
7. Students that passed the exam must receive an diploma.

The relationships between student and course is a many to many relationship, so i introduced a table between them that i called course enrollment that have as PK student_id and course_id.

The relationship between student and group I also introduced a table between them that I called StudentsGroup and I set student_id and group_id as PK.

The relationship between Group and Course I have it as a 1 to many relationship, because 1 course can be given to many groups, ( example the course Basic of Accounting can be given to Group A and Group B) But in a group can only 1 course be given. (example in Group A can only Research be given)

The relationship between teacher and course i have as 1 to many.

And I have a entity named Level that has as attributes level_id and level_description that is attached to the attribute level_id in the course entity/table.

Now I don't know where do I have to put the attendance issue and the level requirements issue to fit in the erd.

Could someone PLEASE HELP ME with this erd.

I would create a 1-to-many relationship between course enrollment and attendance. You will then be able to see how many times a student has attended each class. You can then get rid of the studentID and courseID from the attendance table and replace it with enrollmentID. You can then check to see if the number of attendance records is larger than the requirement for the class.

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