i restarted my computer and got the messege

'ntldr missing
press ctl +alt+del' to restart

I inserted the Windows XP pack 1 CD , and booted from the CD and in tried to repair the missing files by running this two lines from the command line
C:\WINDOWS> copy e:\ ntldr c:
C:\WINDOWS> copy e:\ ntdetect.com c:

to both the lines I got the messege 'file copied'

In short, i did everything that should be done...and i have had the same error once and the same steps ified it..but now it is bringing me the same messeges 'ntldr missing' 'press ctl+alt+....' please help

Longer way is that you can install xp by replacing the files but not delete the current OS.
install another OS(same on) on the same disk so that it multiboot (dont delete current OS) and copy the ntldr in windows ffrom the one OS to other.


The easy fix is putting in your XP CD, going to the recovery console, and running FIXBOOT and FIXMBR. These should replace the NTLDR and get your machine to boot.

I added a backslash on the end of the command line and it worked....thanks though