1. Please what are the consequences of Windows System32 Proper.exe ( Missing or not
functioning) in a Pc using Windows NT/200/XP/2003 ?

2. If this file is missing, how do i restore it ?

3. Control Panel is missing in my Customized Start Menu with this, it is not possible for me
to get Control Panel at all.

How do I get the Control Panel as one of the items in the Customized Start Menu ?

The hard drive of my PC was formatted sometime and after restoring some of the programme files, these problems started...
Please I need help.


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ok take a windows xp cd and you will have to have another system that will tell you where to put it
you will have to start your computer in dos by creating a ms-dos boot on a floppy drive and then you will have to copy the file from one place to another in ms-dos(another way is to find the cab files in your operating system and just cache it from there but that takes a long time if you dont know exactly where the right file is)

either way it takes time to find the stuff you need to restore the file if you want to try you could do a recovery system with a windows xp cd that might do the trick and it might also get the control panel back.

question tho when you say you couldnt find control panel do you mean anywhere in the computer or just in the area of the customized start menu cause you can find control panel in the side bar on the left in a windows folder screen?

Thanks for the fast response to my problem.

Again Control panel is missing in the entire system.
I have done search and it could not be found anywhere in the system.

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