Hi all,
I've just bought my own laptop and am a bit of a novice. The laptop is an advent and i'm on Netgear broadband but can't get a wireless connection. It says I need to enable my wireless switch which the manual says is on the bottom of the laptop but I can't locate it. There really doesn't seem to be a switch. Can anyone help?

I'm 28 and from Ireland and live in Belfast. I like heading out, Italian football, reading and surfing the web. This seems like a good place to have some fun, meet people and learn.

Hope all is well with you folks.



Sounds like a driver issue. I got the switch error on a HP laptop before because the wireless manufaturers driver expected there to be one. I grabed one of HPs site that was for my model, and didnt ask for the switch and was able to get wireless working.

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