Hi all,
Please forgive me if this thread is inn the wrong place im a newbie(lol), My problem is that i have a toshiba sattelite p30 the screen has all of a sudden gone blank i can use it by connecting to a external vga monitor i was wondering if the invertor has gone or will i need to replace the whole screen any advice would be welcome.

Have you tried using the Function key and pressing the Monitor button on the keyboard...you may have inadvertently switch to external monitor only.
The function key is down near the left Ctrl key (usually blue letters) and the Monitor switch key is on the Function Keys (F1-F12) above the number keys. Hold the function key down while pressing the appropriate one of the FX keys. There are little icons on the FX keys ...use the Monitor one.

Hi Ken,
Thanks for the reply. Yes i have tried the function key and still a blank screen it was working fine then i did some updates for windows and shut the lappy down when it rebooted the screen was blank. Thought it might have been a change of graphics setings thats why i hooked up to a pc monitor but its still blank.

all i need to know is should i try the invertor or just buy a new screen .