I have a quick question about which master's degree would be better for someone who does not have a bachelor's in CS or software engineering and will be looking to get into the computer job market after having finished another professional career as a military officer. The bottom line is whether or not I would have to start as an entry level programmer in my 40's or if there are other options.


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Do you have a background in a technical discipline of some sort?

As far as my bachelor's no. I do know quite a bit about computers but not from college. My bachelor's is not related.

you mention you don't want to start at entry level programming - thats fine but the questions prospective employers will ask you is what is your programming experience?

I have done my Masters from Computer Science and BS from CS too. I can say from my experience that you can jump into a computer science course/program and get a decent job.Many people do that. So.. dont think more...just start learning programming..

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