I am, head of the IT department of a non-profit organization with around 75 employees. Our services are growing rapidly and we are in need of a helpdesk software which would not need customization to suit our needs. The reason being we don't wish to hire analysts or buy servers. As we are in the non profit industry, preferable would be free software. Any suggestion?

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what exactly do you want the helpdesk software to do?

I have been using the simple bugzilla application, running on XAMPP (free again) on windows XP (not a server, my own workstation) in an intranet, with a static address, having set up an LDAP connector to connect it to my active directory and in internal DNS A record of "helpdesk.domain.local" so that users would know where to log their tickets. when they did log a ticket, I would receive an email, and be able to update the "bug" status in the bugzilla database.

another workable and free solution is WInventory - it has it's own ticketing system, though I've never used it.

I'm sure there are other free solutions out there, I've just never tried anything else

you'll probably find that the open source programmes are better than the ones used commercially anyway.. i work in IT Support and the system we use (peregrine) has so many problems we need a separate support team to support it lol

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