Hey guys which one these do you think is the best
1> Ipod
2> Microsoft Zune
3> Creative Zen

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Zen as the zune isnt released in europe and apples European prices are way higher than the US equivilents

Although i dont have anyone of these but still i feel Zen is better of them all but looks wise Ipod is better

i thik the new small square ipod is ugly as hell

agreed. 3rd gen nano is the worst
Zune is better than all. Huge screen, same price as ipod. same storage capacity. better desktop software.

i prefer my PDA to zune

the zune is best hands down. i have one, it syncs properly and it's software doesn't fuck with any of your files. plus it's huge screen and huge capacity, great device.

Ever been stuck up in the office and wishing you could tune in to something else? Well my Zen sorts me out and its recording abilities leave you amazed, makes me wonder why I went for an 8gb.

Zen all the way!!!

Ipod for me i believe - 80gb classic - nice!

I have had an ipod and m sick of it, i use my PDA or my N81 8gb. The worst thing about ipod is u ll have to have i tunes to download music onto it which i think is a bit of pain. I d rather be dragging and droppin stuff onto my players than shufflin the playlist. Also itunes makes pc run slower as well which is why i dont recommend it ever. So my idea of mp3/mp4 player is where u can just drag n drop stuff rather than using a specialist software.


I agree, iTunes is a hog

quicktime too.

yeah talk about bloatware

pros and cons:


nothing good for ipod except storage space

bad is all the software that comes with like safari noone likes it so that is horrid.
quicktime to run itunes hah what a joke they need to come up with a better way to run the program.


you need software to run the zune blah stupid microsoft

creative zen from what i can tell is the best

so creative zen then the zune then the ipod/isuck cause i come software more than anyother and i need to install safari cause it is from apple **** apple they officially are a buncha ball $u**ers

I have an ipod video but sadly it has a nasty line on the screen when it lights... anyways., i like the features of Zune..

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