What better use of an iPod than to save a soldier's life by stopping a bullet? This photo appears to prove it, although the actual story was that the iPod alerted the soldier to the fact that he had been shot, but it was his armor that actually stopped the bullet.

The story goes something like this: Kevin Garrad, a soldier in Iraq, got into a fight with an insurgent when he had been patrolling the streets, and they opened fire and fought. Kevin managed to kill the insurgent, but had no idea that he had been shot.

It was only in his bunk, trying to play music with his iPod, that he discovered the mash of metal that his iPod had become, and realized that he indeed had been shot. It was his upgraded armor however, that stopped the shot.

Apple's agreed to replace the iPod, while the photos of it are being shown all over the internet. Actually, Kevin's already been through 2 iPods in Iraq, and donations for iPods would be gladly accepted and given to friends in his unit.

Full story here.

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Should he have an iPod with him whilst on duty? I don't see why this story is being branded about t'internet, utterly pointless. Did the iPod stop the bullet? No. End of story, move on, a soldiers armour did - is that amazing? No that is what it is meant to do.

The sensationalism people give some stories amazes me sometimes. :)

The point is that the ipod helped in saving the soldiers life. It was said that the ipod helped "slowdown" the bullet. ;)