I have to host 5 websites and if anybody here has any experience with dedicated servers or uses dedicated servers for hosting websites, can you recommend a reliable dedicated server hosting service? I can pay upto $150 per month for hosting. But I am confused in choosing dedicated server hosting so I would really appreciate if anybody can give me tips in choosing a dedicated server hosting service.

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I've been using dedicated servers for over a year now. I strongly and whole-heartedly recommend LiquidWeb. They've been excellent to me.

Also, you probably want to go with the Managed route so they handle all of your upgrades and software installs. With LiquidWeb, it's really cost effective. Just an additional $20/mo to have it managed. Take a look at their servers and reply back if you have any questions at all or talk to their sales reps.

I have been using several dedicated servers for years from different Data Centers. I am agreed with JonathanD on the Manage thing. Because It is toughest part of leasing a Dedicated Server. It requires Linux Server Administration skill. If you don't posses it you should go for Managed Service which is Provided by most of the Dedicated Server Providers. I am currently satisfied with my current Dedicated Server Provider Softlayer.

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