Hi I am PhantomSaya and I want to make a game..I will be co-manager or whatever if some programmers can please help me, Can you help me make a game a 3-d online chat community i will come up with the ideas i have and please i need a team please ^_^ email me at leachdeborah@yahoo.com or hinata.hyuga.clan.member@gmail.com or angelwolfcub@aol.com or DeborahLeach3@hotmail.com or talk to me on habbo.com my username is PhantomSaya or email me on here thanks

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Developing a good game requires a fairly large budget. For example Crysis cost about $20,000,000 to make, and involved about 300 people.

What is your budget?

nice idea but i think passmark is correct...

OMG that sucks i just want to make a simple 3-d chat game :( well guess i cant now lol but even if can someone help me make 3-d animations

if it is just to learn then u can carry on with u'r game development idea, but if its is for commercial purpose then just arrange budget.

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