I have bought new IDE hard disk for my server, before installing any operating system, i have made windows 98 bootable to boot computer and to run fdisk to make partition for the newly installed hard disk. when i run fdisk i got the screen "Your computer has a disk larger than 512mb. This version of windows includes improved support for large disk resulting inrsion of win95 & win NT more efficeint use of disk space on large drives and allow disk over 2gb to be formatted as a single drive..
IMPORTANT: If u enable larger disk support & create any new drives on this disk you will not be able to access the new drive using other operating system including some version of win95 & win NT as well as earlier verof win & Ms-Dos. In addtion disk utilities that were designed explicity for the fat32 file system will not be able to work with this disk. if you need to access this disk with other operating system or older disk utilities do not enable the larger drive support"
Do you wish to enable large support (y/n)

if any one is having any solution for the above plz send me as this is my first experience to use "Fdisk" command

just say yes. fdisk is basically saying it will format the hdd with fat32, which supports drives over 2gb, unlike fat16.
problem is, as explained - the drive will not be accessible from dos or any old system that doesn't support fat32.
just to let you know - fat32 is a very old standart now, so unless you're into really ancient OSs like DOS or NWlite, you won't have any problems.

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