Hi there. I'm using AT&T's 2Wire DSL/Router combo as my internet connection. It has my dad's PC directly connected and my wireless router (D-Link DIR 628) connected to it. My Wireless router has myself Ethernet connected to it, my xbox 360 wireless connected to it and my brother's laptop wireless connected to it. I have noticed a few problems with this setup. My Dad's PC shouldn't be relevant but it's running XP Pro. My comp is XP Media Center, and my brother's laptop is Vista Home Premium, so I need to know how to get my DSL/Router combo to work as the DHCP and my D-Link to just get assigned addresses.

My main issue being. My wireless router is connected to the 2Wire modem and is set to DMZ. My personal computer is connected via DMZ to my wireless router. I still have trouble with firewalls and whatnot and I know it's gotta be the fact both routers are set to run DHCP... So I need to figure out how to get the wireless one to get info from the 2Wire DSL/Router combo. Thanks for any help you're able to provide!

I sent this to aeinstein for any help but I'd like public input too. Any other details I need to provide?

Edit: I need the wired 2Wire Router/DSL to give my Wireless D-Link router DMZ access if possible. If not i need to be able to get one computer on the wireless router clear to the internet with no firewall at all.

I don't know the AT&T setup but one way you can solve your problem is to change the cable from the AT&T to your Dlink - instead of hooking to the internet port, just hook into one of the 4 ethernet ports and it will then act like a switch - the AT&T router will be handing out IP addresses to all clients. Just turn off dhcp on the dlink.

You can use both routers but it's not as straightforward. zeroth

Problem being my modem is in the 2Wire router. It's a DSL Modem/ 4 Port Router in one. So I HAVE to have the 2wire as the assigning router...

We got that part, to paraphrase zeroth for you:

Take the ethernet cable connecting your modem/router to your wireless router, disconnect it from the WAN port and just connect it to one of the LAN ports. This will bypass it's router functionality and simply run it as a switch.

You can also log into your routers settings page (I don't know the default IP or password for this model, but it should be easy enough to find on D-Links websites and/or google.) and there should be a setting to disable DHCP.

Okay. There's Static IP, DHCP, and some other settings, what do I do?

In the DHCP section is there a check-box that says use router as DHCP server?

If so uncheck it.

If not then go to the DHCP settings page, Prt Scrn, paste into paint, save as a jpeg, and attatch to a post so we can see the specific options available.

Okay. I'm going to provide more pics, links, and other goodies and a story too!

I originally was using my father's 2Wire DSL Modem/4 Port Router combo. My father, my brother, and I were all hooked up to it. My father and I via Ethernet cord. My brother being wireless. I got an XBox 360 and couldn't spare any Ethernet cords so I bought the wireless adapter. I find out that the adapter won't connect with my Windows Media Center unless my wireless could broadcast in 802.11a. My father's 2Wire setup could only broadcast in b and g. So I bought a new D-Link DIR 628 4 port router. I CURRENTLY have my D-Link connected to the 2Wire via Ethernet cord with the 2Wire's Lan Port going to the D-Link's WAN port. I realize this is problematic but I need assistance. I have the following guides but I'm still clueless.


I'm not sure what numbers I need to enter or not and into what, as what.

There's too many images to take for the D-Link router, so I'm going to provide you all with D-Link's Emulator tool for my router.


Now what numbers off the following pictures do I need to enter into the D-Link router and where do I need to enter them?



go to the network settings page, scroll about half way down and uncheck the "Enable DHCP Server:" box

On WAN it still says DHCP, on the LAN section it shows it disabled, but it's not working the way it needs to...