Some of the users in my domain cannot login to the AD domain controller with the correct user name password and correct domain selected the error is :THE SYSTEM CANNOT LOG YOU ON MAKE SURE YOUR USER NAME PASSWORD AND DOMAIN ARE CORRECT. But others can login without any problem. What could be the problem .I have tried changing their password to new ones but that did not solve the problem.i have also tried removing users who disengaged from the organization to decrease the numbers of users on the license.

can you login on one of the user pc's that can not login
can one of the users that can not login, login on a ws of someon that was successful
might be a DNS issue.

this users cannot login on any other user pc using their user name and password.i can login on their pc with my user name and password but into other domain becos we have four domains in the organization

create a new user in the right domain, see if that new user can login
why do you use several domains, when there is a perfectly good OU architecture?

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