Not really an IT question per se, but I've had a few a clients ask for recommendations on VoiP services with some specific features in mind that I'm not even aware exist. There's no way to rig up a VoiP service with a cell phone, for instance, right? A few medium businesses I know are feeling growing pains and need a way to route calls properly, as well access voicemail more easily. Probably not an IT issue (or is it?) but then I'm lousy with phones in general. Thanks for your thoughts.

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Hmm, yeah, this is a problem with a lot of companies. I think what you probably need is some combination of Voip, which would give you the over-the-net connection, and voicemail services, which would route the calls. Some of my clients use gotvmail for the latter; you get a 1800 with a slew of extensions and can get voicemail on your PDA, etc. As for the Voip...well, the comment above mine has a suggestion. Does sunrocket still have problems?


No idea, but I use Skype for all my business calls, Its an extremely powerful program for everything VoIP. http://www.skype.com/intl/en-gb/business/ I wouldn't use anything else. Skype Extras include Add-ons for Skype that includes recording, call transfer, user mailboxes, IVR, PBX, conferencing, send fax and many more...

I even recommend PamFax for Skype: http://michaelmknight.co.uk/main/?p=15

Are you sure is it ideal for business related purposes.. ! Many of clients I deal with use Pro. softwares or appliances ( as the one shown in my sign.)..See the major issue is the confidentiality of information and that's where its best to opt for secured appliance.


Well, a little research on your behalf into Skype would be good.

Almost every company I know uses Skype in some form or another.

If its conferencing your looking for, then id recommend Webex.


Bro I earlier use Webex too ..may be you have answer to this ! See is it possible to see the information that attendees give as they sign up for webex, is it possible to obtain this information..!

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