how do i put a ringtone that i have in my computer onto my phone

they are mp3's on my computer that made at 12 seconds each and i really like them. how do i turn them into ringtones on my phone.
if i need a new phone i wonder what my options are. anything is better than going to a website that asks me for my phone number.

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Have you tryed to go to your phone company and get a cable that will connect your phone to your computer?If that's not good, try to e-mailing them to your phone.

I don't think you can convert mp3s into valid ringtones, and then put those on your phone..

Perhaps so.. but you would need some way to connect your computer to your phone, as dewabo said.

if i could not use mp3's with todays technology that would be fine if when said and doe that is the case, however i hear time and again mp3 is a valid ringtone medium, yes or no? and if it is not a valid medium is it not the future medium of choice. and again, when all is said and done and we stand up and say "phone companies you have reapt enough undeserved profits from us. we want more freedom and we want you to accept our wants?"

Well, it depends how old your phone is, who your provider is, what technologies are incorporated into your phone (bluetooth, etc.), and whether or not it can connect to a computer.

thanks. i guess i wonder and need to ask:

What phones will let me upload mp3's for ringtones?

I would think that any of the phones that has come out in the last 6 months would handle mp3s. So you may want to upgrade, but only if your present phone won't do what you want it to.

The same thing happened and is happening to me, Tim. Yesterday, I removed my HD and tried installing XP Home with SP1 on it using my friend's PC and the installation works great. Maybe you should try that?However, when I tried putting it back into my PC, I got a message saying that Windows shut down suddenly, and asked me to start from Safe Mode, Last Known Configuration etc. No matter what option I choose, all it does is restart. What is WRONG?! I know it's not the HD cos it worked fine on my friend's PC

Where did that last post come from? It was so far off the subject of this thread......ringtones to harddrives. Some one can't read apparentiy.:?:

Yea, I just ignored it.

the question being posed here is uploading ringtones on my computer to my phone- do i need the phone company or is are any phones capable of this

can you text with your phone now, can you surf the internet and can you recieve e-mails? If you can answer yes to these questions then all you need to do is go down to your phone provider and get a cable that will allow you to connect to your computer using a usb port, your computer should see your phone as a storage device and allow you to access it and download to it. Once you have downloaded the turns you want then access your music on the phone and see if you can set any one of them as a ringtone. If you can't do this then take the phone to your provider and they will download your song as a ringtone for you, of course there will be a small fee for the service. The cable shouldn't cost more than ten$, and if you need any software that may cost extra. Unless you are carring a bag phone or one that is 5 years old or older you shouldn't have any problems.

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