I currently have a Windows 98se operating system on a 6 gig hard [c] driven in my laptop. I am thinking of installing Windows XP Professional on an external [E] drive and using that to operate my computer. Can I do that and are there any problems associated with having 2 operating systems. I take lots of pictures and my 6 gig drive is almost full. I felt that it would be better to put xp on the E drive because of the larger amount of space on that drive [40 gig.] Or would it be better to just install xp on the C drive and get rid of the 98se?

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C:\ 6GB
D:\ CD-Rom
E:\ 40 GB

What I propose is this:
Keep Win98Se for the programs and saved data. But move the data to E:. The programs Might be a problem, due to compatibility differences in Win98--WinXP.
Put XP on E:, yes.
Then you have a dual boot system!

Basically, I am from Finance & Accounts, using Desktop : [ 4GB / Intel Penti-1 / Year of Purchase 1988] for my day to day activities.

I am having 98SE installed and later, XP was installed.

1) Two OS : The option is to have XP as a seperate installation but not to overwrite the 98 as "UPGRADE" as suggested by the system.

2) Select "Advanced options" where in you can define the Path for the XP files to be installed.

You can have both 98SE & XP

Functional problems : No. Still Working in good condition.


You may find it difficult identifying your External HDD during the XP install. Whilst there is no problems with having dual boot PCs, I don't think that it would work with what I assume a USB / Firewire device.

Similarly, you may find performance issues, with XP, assuming the system specs are what you would expect from a PC with a 6Gb harddrive.


Regards, David

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