Hi fellas:

I just have few questions here:

I am working in a certain company..(not to mention the name). Some of our access to some programs were only limited. No control Panel, No Task manager, No My computer icon.. etc.
Its running on win XP and as you may know its being controlled by an IT administrator.

Each employee were given their unique logins and password for us to log-on to windows. When we logged in, we've seen there's no more task manager (which is truly impt). My question is ..is there a way I can bring back those tools (task manager, my computer..etc) on its normal state. Is there a quick step or procedure I need to follow even I am NOT the administrator of the PC since its runned by a company?

Thank you for the help.. Pls reply..I rily nid answers. This is urgent.

Sorry. If the Administrator has deliberately set those protocols then we cannot help you circumvent them.
Ask the Administrator for rights to use those features. I am sure if it is urgent and work related, there will be no problem.