I've had several posts, or threads, here since the year 2002 and I don't know how to killl, or delete, them.



You can't. Only the Moderators and the admin have the rights to do that. Send a message to them as to which thread you want to delete. They'l help you out.

Typically threads are left to be so that other people can read them and hopefully get ideas for solving their problems from an existing thread. Why they don't get locked after some time of being dead is a decision the administrators have made, and it's arguably the better choice.

Thanks! How do I find a Moderator?


Dunno, mods are a rare and peculiar breed, hiding in the bushes and breaking cover only to feed. :)

Mind you, I am an admin and I seem to have made myself noticed.

That said, we do not delete postings or threads just because they are old. As has already been mentioned, we have taken the view here at DaniWeb that all postings contribute to the database of knowledge that is at the heart of our community. Therefore, not ever knowing when something we or you might consider worthless or dated is actually going to be of help to a fellow traveler in need of support, we leave them there to be searched and absorbed as required.

Only messages that violate the system rules get deleted...

Awww.. I have some embarrassing posts from when I first became a member that I wouldn't mind being deleted.. ;)

I have been active in various online boards, forums and conferencing systems for 20 years. Just imagine the stuff that is out there I wish I had not posted. :)

But there you have it: everything you are, and were, is available to anyone who wants go look for it. It is the flipside of the connected world we live in.

Ah man!!

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