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I'm shocked that you care enough about this to post a poll about it. Well, actually, not shocked. Just disappointed.


Handle up. Items one at a time in the silverware bins, starting over again when I reach the end. Specialty knives, then steak knives, then butterknives, then forks, then spoons. Enough information for you?


I'm shocked that you care enough about this to post a poll about it. Well, actually, not shocked. Just disappointed.

hahaha.. Are you really so shocked? It's the dude.. I expect nothing more.

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Is Sturm your boyfriend?

handles up to make them easier and safer to remove. No one in his/her right mind would insert knives with the handles down.

I do all the time. You will only cut yourself if you are being stupid.


I put everything handle up, except the sharpest knives: I put them blade up - just to tempt fate. Noteably, I always prep and empty the dishwasher standing on one leg whilst blindfolded.


If you put your knives in handle down, then the sharp point of the knife will rub against the basket material during the dishwasher action. If the basket is metal, the knife will get dull. If the basket is plastic, the knife will damage it.

Wow, this is an intellectually stimulating thread!


Most other threads are at least intellectually stimulating.. or at least not so irrelevant.

Oh, you mean like "What are you eating/drinking right now?", which has 668 replies so far?


Don't people have anything better to do than bitch and moan about pointless threads on an internet forum?

I clean all my utensils by hand because I'm obsessive, compulsive and probably too neat for a guy. And I'm poor.


If I'm honest, I only dishwash once a week when every piece of kitchenware is unusable for any purpose. So, the cutlery is usually jammed in anyway and everywhere it can fit.

I guess I save loads on dishwasher tabs ^_-

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thanks for being honest

The manual that came with my dishwasher says to put the utensils in handle down for the best cleaning action.


And then they snicker because they know you will nick yourself on the knives all the time :P

I guess a dishwasher is used for cleaning and not for perfect safety.

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