I found DaniWeb quite by accident the other night while "googling" (is that a word?) the problems everyone seems to be having with MS Vista. I am recently retired and have a lot of time on my hands. I have been fascinated by computers and PC's as I used them at work, mostly for R&D stuff. Now I have more time to pursue just about anything I want except maybe getting involved with the UFC folks. I am planning on purchasing a hi end laptop with an air card like Verizon's National Access/Broadband Access. This will allow me to be as mobile as I can be in North America, anyway. Probably muxing myself and the wife between FL and CT. DaniWeb appears to be a good alternative to the old-fashioned Usenet newsgroups. Since I no longer have an ISP, those avenues are closed, unless I pay for them. Did I mention I was Scottish?). Am looking forward to communicating with some of you as I become more familiar with DaniWeb. Thanks

Welcome to Daniweb Pogopossum :)

Hi, Welcome to Daniweb !

Glad that you could join us!