Please do not feed the driver's Ego

Might be possible if Dick runs for president and Bush runs for the vice.

fortunately, bush can't run for veep - one of the requirements is that they are eligible to run for president (ie can't be foreign born, too young, or have served 2 terms)

Work on my favorite bumper sticker:


I cracked up going 90 on the freeway when I figured it out

Work on my favorite bumper sticker:


I cracked up going 90 on the freeway when I figured it out


I will not tolerate intolerance

I will not tolerate intolerance

What, you have a problem with people whose bodies reject toxins?

Well, at least the war on the environment is going well.

What Would Cheezits Do?

Japan is sending aid for our Elictile Dysfunction

baby on board

Does it feature an infant nailed/stapled/glued to a 2x6? Because that is always what I thought of when I saw those little signs...

baby on board

The last time I saw this was on a pregnant lady's t-shirt.

:d Don't Laugh, Your Daughter Might Be Inside!

I bet you a new car that my brakes are better than yours.

Thank you for holding your breathe while I smoke

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I have had the following bumper stickers over the years:


Stop Honking. I'm Pedaling as fast as I can.

(Two stickers, one cut in half, put on after the 55 speed limit:)

(Two stickers, one cut apart and reassembled:)

Are you closer to THIS than you are to Jesus?

I-69: Put it on the map.

The Big Bang: God said it, and BANG, it happened.

Give Me SPACE (picture of Marvin the Martian)

I believe in the Big Band Theory.

Fish don't walk, and Jesus still lives (dead Darwin fish feet up)

(My current stickers:)

Columbia II (picture of the space shuttle)

WHY are you slowing me down by following TOO CLOSE?

Warning: In case of RAPTURE, this vehicle will be unmanned.


Other stickers I have seen:

JOhn KErry

With this much squat,
you need two johns.

Pro-Accordion, and I vote

Satan's a Democrat

Come to the Dark Side
We have cookies.

If you can read this, you're in the wrong lane (on front of car)

Then aliens can't abduct you.

Is there life after death?
Mess with my truck, and find out!

Someday, you'll look on this again
and plow into a parked car.

Save the phone sex for the office.
Hang up NOW!

Save some Trees
Eat a Beaver

I just saw this:


Save Trees: Plant a Bush Back in Texas

Keep your religion in the church and I'll keep my science in the classroom

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Soft Rock
is an oxymoron

Better to lose a lover than love a loser

Geeks Dig Chicks!

V3hic13 5p3ak5 B00M HEADSH0T!

Do you also drive in a phonebooth?

If you can read this your brakes failed