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(Attention: Summer Sales will end on 31st August)

PDA accessories:
US$3.99 - PDA Screen Protector
US$?.?? - PDA USB Retractable Cable (Synchronize and Charge at the same time)
US$5.99 - USB Travel / Car charger

Mobile Phone accessories:
US$3.99 - Retractable Travel charger for Nokia
US$3.99 - Mobile phone holder in car (for all types of mobile phones)
US$8.49 - Universal Mobile Phone Charger Kit (for most types of mobile phones)

Computer accessories:
US$8.99 - 4 ports Mini USB2.0 Hub (Ultra Slim) as big as your middle finger
US$6.49 - 4 ports Mini USB1.1 Hub (Ultra Slim) as big as your middle finger
US$6.99 – USB2.0 Portable Hard Disk Box
US$7.99 - IrDA connection adapter
US$7.59 - 6 in 1 Memory card reader/writer
US$11.49 - 12 in 1 Memory card reader/writer

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On sales: Retractable phone/fax/modem cable, Digital Camera Screen Protector, Car Kit...

Coming in the next few days: Travel charger for all models of mobile phones, …..

Features Specifications: Tinpec Card Reader with USB HUB Docking Station
.All-in-one card reader to read and write all common kinds and capacities of memory cards

2.No additional adapter is required!

3.Incl. docking station with integrated active 3-port USB 2.0 hub
4.Firmware update: possibility to support new capacities and new card types

5.Included: card reader, docking station with 3-port USB 2.0 hub and USB 2.0 connection cable (1.50 m), 5 V 1.0A power supply unit for docking station Optional, USB connection cable (0.50 m) for mobile use of the card reader, operating instructions, software and driver CD


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