does anyone know of any open source or free proxy server software that can be set up to run in a clustered arrangement?? it can be run on solaris (any version 10 preferably) or redhat or other stable linux releases.

what kind of cluster are you looking for? failover or load balancing I mean

I have seen a great guide from IBM on how to set up Apache load balancing cluster on RHEL, could be just possible squid can be slipped into the cnfiguration

both really! but more failover as the proxy server we have is the only single point of failure in our system. Surely any clustered software should manage both as load balancing would be a nice feature to have aswell.

we currently use squid on the single proxy server and would prefer to use it if it can be clustered but cant find any examples or guides out there but i may be looking in the wrong place.

I know we could do it through dns and virtual ips but this on it own creates another single point of failure.

well, if you create a failover cluster, you still need centralised storage, which, again, is a single point of failure :)

centeralised storage for what?? not being rude just dont know that much about it!!

the usual failover cluster architecture contains the nodes and a central storage box attached to the nodes. if a node dies, another node takes over, using the same storage, so data consistency is kept. there are other solutions, like XOsoft's WanSyncHA and NeverFail, as well as some custom made rsync scripts for FreeBSD I've seen here and there, that software syncronizes the data between the nodes, but network throughput is highly affected, data consistency is not at it's best, and sometimes a bad failover not only corrupts one node, but damages the data for all the cluster

hi this is strictly for a proxy to redirect and limit connection from one side of the firewall to another, but this connection needs to be clustered so that if one proxy server fails the other one can take over redirecting and limiting connections, it would also be ideal if the two servers did load balancing to help increase space. The poxys will be located on two different servers both with mirrored disks.