Or...the only stupid question is the one you don't ask.....

or...having to start somewhere....

OK...how do you begin to know what language was used to program a certain piece of software? I have a legitimate piece of software I purchased (no really...I did....) that is not working correctly and would love to see what makes it tick. The program is a PDA program that I can't seem to get good technical support for (engineers are busy I'm told...). I've paid for it and it no longer works correctly. It's actually a sports data logging program (yeah everybody is racing to get this one....;-) ). It's made by SportsPilot (called Scorepad). It has various problems.

Being a novice I'm probably biting off more then I can chew but what the heck....thanks for any replies!!

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You´re not biting off more than you can chew! Everyone that programs had to start exactly where you are now. The younger you catch the programming bug (no pun intended) the better. But all programmers knew nothing about programming when they started.

I wouldn´t try Java right at first, it can be challenging. Try some flavor of Basic to start. There are plenty of books in the stores and tutorials on the web to start with. Don´t worry that much about memorizing commands, what you want is the basic structure of the language and how to accomplish tasks. Then move up to thinking about a plan for programs to put together small tasks to do larger projects.

After you learn the concepts of programming and what it can do, you will then have plenty of opportunity learn one of the more complex languages.

Don´t give up because it seems to be a lot of work. Anything worth while take work...


>You are very right but those margaritas cost money, which takes work...
And sipping a Margarita requires the use of muscles, which takes work. :rolleyes:


>Anything worth while take work...
Lounging on a beach drinking Margaritas is worth while...

I don't have a beach nearby, and it costs around $70 US to fill up my van with gas. That's a LOT of work I'd have to do! :o


now see...i can handle drinking the Margaritas......

learning code....arrghhhh.....been trying to learn Visual Basic for awhile......

I do remember hearing the stories about the guys who didn't like the way some software was performing or there was nothing out there...so they wrote their own.....

I'm halfway there.....I want to write my own.....it's so nice to want......


oh yeah..thanks for the replies......

I'm using Pocket PC 2002....and downloaded the enBedded Visial Basic.....anybody know of some tutorials for emBedded Basic???? :eek:


Try Searching Google, you will find more then you ever need.

Peace Out,
Michael :idea: :idea: :idea: :idea:

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