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Mine means:

"The Dude is a waffle iron that helps around the home! It keeps your carpets clean."

Ah man!!

twomers is like a normal lightbulb, but it's actually just a solid block of plastic.
LED part 2? Sweet.

...a Christmas tree that tells you when people are lying, is fully recycleable and is bigger on the inside than the outside.

Kind of like the TARDIS?

Oh great...zandiago: zandiago is a pair of shoes that runs on a single AA battery!

Ginetta is a little british sports car. It's a kit car that has its own racing league. It costs 10% of a super sports car ( you know the ones I mean.. porsche, ferrari, masarati, american muscle cars)and can be modified with little effort to out perform a super sports car. Nice!

EnderX is a razor that does the washing up! It can communicate with your T-shirt and responds to temperature changes.


"Oh! Hey, 3DCR*, what's happening?"

*3 Degrees Celsius Rise

It appears my in the most insulting so far.

"jasimp is a toilet seat that communicates via Instant Messenger! It asks trivia questions and helps around the home."

commented: muhahahaha...cheer up m8! +3

I guess I should elaborate on some of the "features" of a Ginetta. It not only can be fitted with GPS but the glove compartment can house a toaster oven, bread box and mini fridge.
While you eat on the road, obviously knowing where you are going, the linux served wifi mp3 player can playback such favorites as the complete works of Lorem Ipsum, Favorite Linus Torvald soundbites and even laugh-alongs such as "Bill Gates, the 64K quote". Don't forget, kids, mp3 is a privilege not a write (intentional mis-spell for the sarcastic).

If the Ginetta runs out of gas it has a built in insulter that will belittle you so you _never_never_never_ do that again.

anonymous86 is a pair of underpants that must be replaced every morning, kills fleas and may have harmful side effects.


It's a spin off of "python" and "usr".

Because, I use python, so I'm a python user, but the "usr" comes from "#!/usr/bin/python" at the beginning of *NIX pythons scripts.

daniweb is like a normal mattress, but it can easily be recycled.

Let's interpret that in a positive way:
daniweb is like a normal mattress; mattress invite comfort; rest of the labor of the day.
but it can easily be recycled; Heck yes, you just have to press Reload current page in your browser ;)

Ugh! Mine is SO boring!

"Thinka is a robotic dog that plays MP3s!" I don't really like dogs, only the interesting looking ones, I'm shallow like that!

Sneekula is the small part in the center of a CD player. It also can be used as a herbal substitute in Keemun Congou tea.

I bet you didnt know you were so usefull :D

Sulley's Boo
Sulley's Boo is a tricycle that can be used by several people at once! It emits dangerous radiation and hovers three feet from the ground.


My nick is really french "La RDmeister" which is means a female person that makes the trilithium crystals that power Star Trek's spaceships, using only a shovel and her fiberglass bathtub.

I am a ZZ Top fan! "Ucker" is a mechanical device used in Norway to harvest hay from almost vertical slopes, mostly red clover, wild timothy, sweetgrass, and purple alsike. You feed this hay to cows and the milk they produce tastes exquisite.

~s.o.s~ stands for a smart and cool universal savior with beautiful angel wings. ;-)

squid44th is a pair of shoes that takes high-quality digital photos!

Now if I could only download them to my computer.

Ene is my first name spelled backwards, and Uran is the African name for a heavy gold ear ring that glows in the dark and can also be used for a wind chime (bflat & fsharp).

>> Ene is my first name spelled backwards

"Bumsfeld" in the oil exploration business is a field of oil wells with a large content of natural gas.

Nightmare stands for the difficulty in Quake 3 Arena that I need to pass to be the "Ultimate Quaker".

My nick goes back to my younger days when I designed a more luxurious seat (with heating, cooling and stereo) for the Chevy Vega. It was rejected because it cost 10 cent more than the standard seat from Fisher.

mine is my name

w000000t 10,000th post!!!!

> w000000t 10,000th post!!!!

W00t, unbeaten spammer!! ;-P

Congratulations BTW. :-)

i am not a spammer ;)
i do a lot of tech threads in 2k/xp and dead machines forums

Congratulations are in order Jbennet. The next 10000 post will be even easier.

If this is simply your name, is it your first name or your last name? Interesting name anyway, I though it was more like J. Bennet or such.

im James Bennet but most people just call me bennet

im James Bennet but most people just call me bennet

Hi Bennet! I was just facetious, taking it literally when you stated that jbennet was your name. Darn geeks, you never know what they are thinking!