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In regards to RAM. What does single channel/ duel channel mean in terms of modules. I have 2 banks of 1 for RAM. I currently have a 512MB module. Im looking to buy 1 more module of 1GB. Does it need to be duel channel? Could anyone give me some insight on this. Thanks.

What processor does your system use? If you have an Athlon XP processor then don't bother abour dual channel memory because it won't do anything for your system.

You do NOT need to have special modules for dual channel configuration. It would be advisable, however, to have the second module identical to the original module. It should really be the same make/model.

Sometimes, mixing RAM modules from different manufacturers can cause problems even in standard configuration. This is especially true when cheap, generic (unbranded) RAM is used. I'd personally never 'mix and match' different RAM modules. I always think it best to sell off the original module and purchase two matched modules for the upgrade.

To answer your question dual channel is like having a RAID 0, your computer writes to each stick at the same time, thus "doubling" performance. You will want to have two equal sticks. Some manuafacturers even package "kits" that consist of two sticks of ram that have apparently been tested to work right with eachother.

Weazle, I didn't know that dual channel doesn't work with AMDs. Is this because of the whole "double pumped" vs "quad pumped" fsb? I'm running dual channel with my xp 3000+ and I thought it was working better.

I didn't know that dual channel doesn't work with AMDs.

Too broad a statement that one. It doesn't add performance improvements for Athlon XP processors under normal circumstances. Those people with onboard graphics, a motherboard with a suitable chipset, and an Athlon XP processor will see improvement owing to the fact that it effectively doubles the speed of available RAM for video use.

Athlon64 processors are different. Socket 939 motherboards for those benefit from dual channel memory configuration fully.

Hello everybody. I'm new to here.
I am using Acer notebook with intel core duo T2300 processor and 768MB ram(512+256). I found that it is heavy to run window vista in my notebook, so i was thinking to add ram into my notebook. Should i add a 1gig ram to make it 1.5gig single channel or make it 1gig dual channel?

Any help would be appreciated.

I would go with the 1.5 gig single; It would maximize performance...

M$ suggests that you have at least 1GB of RAM running Vista, and then there are those that suggest that the optimum amount is 4GB:eek: .

The problem with that 512MB module is going to be matching it. In order to run in dual channel both modules have to have the exact same specs, ideally they would be the same model from the same manufacturer. This will give you the minimum 1GB of RAM and the advantage of dual channel which is appreciably faster in certain applications.

The other option is to go with the 1.5GB, it sounds like more RAM is going to be better with Vista. You can always purchase a second 1GB module later if you want to run dual channel.

If this was XP I would suggest going for the two 512MB modules in dual channel. But since you are using Vista this changes things. Personally...I would buy a matched pair of 1GB modules. There are better deals for purchasing a matched pair than purchasing them separately.