i wanted to know whether any of the certification(from Microsoft like MCTS,SUN microsystems like SCJP certifications) creates a difference in the posting in any IT company..like do they value the certification?does the certifications help u in the position that u occupy and the salary hike that u get in the company?

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yes they are valued a lot and will help you get jobs over people who dont have them.

I took two certifications from Sun and I want to take another one. This doesn't necessary increase my salary or gave me another position, but I think that when I'll apply to a job opportunity, the employer could have more trust in my abilities, because it's proved.
In addition, when we want to take a certification we tend to be more dedicated, so is one way to have more commitment.
And of course, like jbennet said, you'll have an advantage over one that doesn't have any certification.

I've only ever had one client who insisted on the certification, equalivant experience is just fine when I'm sorting through resumes. If there is an area you'd really like to work in then get the cert. Oh, if your employer is going to pay I'd say go nuts!!

Certifications never hurt and are pretty much always a plus, with that said good interviewing skills are more important.

If you're looking to get a job in a large structured education, their HR department will automatically calculate your wage based on experience and education (including relevant certifications). Smaller businesses will put more weight on your productivity and value to the company. If you have properly documented experience, good references, and can stand out from the pack at your interview you can get by with the certifications.

The main value of certifications or any education is entry level positions. Steve Wozniak and Jobs are both college drop-outs who have never bothered to get any "certifications" but they're two of the most valuable people in the high tech field, but they got lucky. If you have work experience in the field you're applying for and can convince the employer that you have the knowledge you're set. If you're trying to get your foot in the door then certifications and education will be most important.

excuse me guys ..
but do u mean that it might help me for example when i finish my IT study at college to get some certificates from sun for example?
does it add something to my cv?

you can put it on your CV

and if they are 2 people who want the job who have the same amount of experience, but one has a certification, then you will have an advantage. It is also extra knowlege to help you in your career.

i see ..
thanks ..

Thanks Guys for ur suggestions and replies:cool:

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