I'm currently a college student that has been on track for a business degree, but I'm interested in doing IT work as a job. I think MIS would be a better degree for me, but this is my 5th year in college and if I were to change degrees it would require me to invest at least another year, where as I could finish my business degree in 1 semester.

So my question is how important is what your degree says on it? Is it more about what certifications you have rather than the degree, or would you suggest that I look into pursuing a MIS degree?

- Mike

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Couldn't you minor in MIS and finish that up once you have your Business degree? Dual-Degrees would be a great investment, and if you had the necessary coursework and/or certifications and demonstrated competance at an interview I don't see how a business degree would hold you back.

I'd finish the Business degree and get into the field since experience is VERY valuable in IT, then finish up the MIS degree and dual-weild those degrees! :)



Its way too late for you to change majors now -- finish your business degree. After that you can get either another bachelors or a masters, or just get a job in IT.

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