Yes i know, far from a serious topic and very much like the what are you listening to topic, but i felt that this should go here being as it would be pertaining to alcohol.

this is where you mention... recipes i guess, or stuff you liked/just tried with some friends. anything really. and i feel those that dont drink would naturally just not post here so it should be okay.

anyway... i like wine and i was wondering if anyone could recomend some good red wine.
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I don't care much for wine, but I'll drink it if I have to :) I absolutely hate whiskeys and burbones. My favorite is Black Russians, vidka and gin. But, alas, I can't drink any of that any more ***sigh***

My drink is something I concocted while rat-arsed, and looking for something new. Brilliant when you're on the lash and want to get fubar'd, not so good as the first drink of the night:

Take 1 Pint Snakebite & Black (1/2ish pint cheap cider + 1/2ish pint cheap lager + dash of blackcurrant cordial). Stir in a shot of Absinthe. Get f**ked!

only straight drinks
Preferred stuff - single malt whiskeys like Tullamore Dew or cognac like Hennessy
except for that I can do vodka, but again, only straight up, no mixes

as for beers - mostly unfiltered stuff like Hoegaarden and Weihenstephan. Kruszovice dark is also very good

Milk with a hefty shot of Starbucks Coffee Liqueur.

whisky (scotch) or real ale

Beer (only German Beer no American stuff)
Scotch (Not JW or Glenfidich) neat nothing to dilute the taste
Some Wine but usually only with a meal when appropriate.

Appalling how fast these stupid threads catch on. You guys do know that there's another identical thread that you can go leak your brains on, right?

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Bourbon & coke
Tequila & 7up
Beer (mostly ales)

Cocktails with gin or vodka are usually good. Huge fan of gin and tonic, and lately rum and coke has become rather nice (depending on the rum).

I like wine so long as it's a merlot. Don't really like any others (except for on random rare occasions), not sure why.

Also a fan of whisk(e)y or scotch on the rocks, and on occasions a brandy or cognac, but these I tend to save for special occasions (don't like cheap whiskeys so I don't mix them much; a good whiskey is best not mixed).

road side Lemonade of Delhi. Dunno what they put in it which makes it so different from the homemade ones.

i agree infarction

glen grant is nice. not cheap though

2005 Rothschild Cabernet Sauvignon, real good year.

A tall Southern Comfort.

Anything the cocktail girl brings me, be it a ...
Manhattan, martini, Gibson, gimlet, old-fashioned, champagne, sidecar, horse's neck, Margarita, Bronx, pink lady, whisky sour, black Russian, white Russian, orange blossom, piña colada, mai tai, mimosa, Rob Roy, Sazerac, blue blazer, old Hickory, Vieux Carré, green opal, jitters, Daiquiri, Bloody Mary, screwdriver, Tom Collins, mint julep, orange blossom, Roffignac, Alexander, wassail, toddy, syllabub
... it goes down the chute!

Right now, something fermented or distilled.

In the summer, a tall mug of cool Stroh's beer with about a two inch head.

my favorite is a nice test-tube full of jagermister to start the party swinging, and i then prefer to drink Ales or Bitters. Whiskey (Scotch) is always a good choice is money allows for it and i don't try mixing drinks anymore, they all come out radioactive looking....

I like Milk,Pepsi,Coke,Ice Tea (Somestimes)

Ales or Bitters

hell yeah. My favourite local ale is TEA or Courage

no idea where its from but tangle foot is always a good choice of ale


i live near the hogs back brewery, if you can find any of thier stuff its nice

bud is horible IMHO

i like stella and san miguel

I like Bud, but only after it has aged for at least 6 months. I buy a case and leave it sitting for 6 months to a year before drinking it.

agree, but atm i would take anything :)

Tequila, smirnoff spin, nesquick