Help keep XP on the market

You might Decide later on that you really don't like Vista
and want to go back to XP

I haven't really made my final decision, if I agree with Vista or not

Their are pros and cons about vista

  • Major Kernel Overhaul
  • Networking
  • Media Center Improvements
  • Major Audio Changes
  • DirectX 10
  • New Built-In Apps
  • Aero Glass and the New UI
  • Security, Security, and more Security


  • No support for DVD drives lacking firmware region coding
  • New monitor needed to view Hi-Definition content
  • Vista will encrypt hard drives by Default
  • Vista may shorten the life of flash memory (by using it for caching via SuperFetch - only has 10,000 writes: bad idea)
  • Vista won't work with many graphics cards and will remove games developers' ability to cater for older systems
  • Drivers have to be signed for x64 versions of Vista

Only you can decide if Vista is right for you!!!

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Vista will encrypt hard drives by Default

Can you explain that please?

i vote for vista...ive had vista since about august of 2006, when it was in testing...and i still have it, ive only had to reinstall it about...3-4 times or so since than...

I have another PC running Xp Media Center Edition 2005...ive had it longer and probably had to reinstall it like 6+ just the last about 2-3 months today is my third+ time trying to install it, and it wont detect my hard drive, i get lots of blue screens, when a program freezes, so does the whole computer...while in vista when a program freezes, i just minimize it until it unfreezes while i work on the other programs...and rarely does vista freeze...

I dont know how people are using vista, anything i install, old, new programs, everything works with vista...if one problem comes up, everyone comes straight to the forum to complain that vista sucks...any problem that came in my way i fixed it, spent hours or days, i learned something new, something better, and made my Vista better...and im still working fine with Vista Service Pack 1...NO problems...

So my vote goes for vista no matter what...I hate XP...i have built 5 computers....1 running XP...(mine, keeps breaking down) and 4 running vista, 1 is mine, 1 mine cousins, and 2 built for 2 of my other friends...all running vista, everyone says its running very smooth and fast, no problems...

You just got to take your time with vista, test it...testing means you run it for like a month and solve problems that come up...not run it for 5 minutes, an error comes up because of your mistake and you complain that vista sucks....remember...Don't judge a book by it's cover!

You want to know the real vista? test it yourself...

(P.S. Read my signature, it applies to this whole post)

I hate Vista.
I have learned to use pretty much every Windows OS (95, 98, 98 SE, 2000, and XP) but Vista is so different and really hard to navigate if you are an experienced user. (Which I consider myself to be)
I have not judged Vista by its appearance, but since my friend got Vista she has experienced more problems with connecting to the internet and viruses than I have over the last eight years. (She got her new computer around one and a half months ago)
I have done some customizations, deleted stuff, and installed a better virus protection program (AVG free; we're going to get AVG pro soon) as well as added Spybot, activated Windows Firewall and Windows Defender (I actually like these programs...) but the internet still goes down... I've had to fix it three times in three weeks. (Today is the third time I'm having to fix it...)
So is Vista all that bad? I'm sure it isn't, provided you have the time to learn EVERYTHING about it. The only problem I see that's serious and unfixable is the navigation.

But I prefer XP. Vista is great if you're getting your first computer and don't know a whole lot, but if it's the future of the Windows systems, I'm going to have to switch to Red Hat or Mac.
Just my opinion.

commented: I don't buy it. Vista is as easy as it gets. +3

ive used xp for over the last 7 years and i still use it sometimes...but the navigation isnt all that hard, i find it easy actually...try getting AntiVir for viruses, and yes, windows firewall and defender works well too...

Vista will encrypt hard drives by Default

Can you explain that please?

To be totally honest, I put the pros and cons up as some kind of an example

I googled for "pros and cons vista" w/o quotes

And went to Pros & Cons of Windows Vista - Tech Support Guy Forums
(5th in the list of pros and cons vista I believe)

You can find several different sites by googling
"Vista will encrypt hard drives by default" w/ quotes
(That's what I used)

I think the encrypting of the hard drives has something to do with
Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption
(Which is something that comes on Vista Enterprise and Ultimate I think)

"Drive encryption protects data by preventing unauthorized users from breaking Windows file and system protection on lost, stolen or inappropriately decommissioned computers. This protection is achieved by encrypting the entire Windows volume; with BitLocker all user and system files are encrypted including the swap and hibernation files."

Its a paragraph towards the bottom

If there are questions about anything
Google it
Work your way down the list
Until you find what you're looking for
Chances are its already been asked and already been answered

No no, I just found it weird because it never encrypted mine. :(

Windows XP support is not going to end atleat for another 2 years so dont worry. It will continue to run for a while now.

No no, I just found it weird because it never encrypted mine. :(

I don't have BitLocker
Which from what is stated on the site about it
Bitlocker is only on Enterprise, Ultimate, and something about Longhorn

I have Home Prem.

Second paragraph from link:

BitLocker Drive Encryption is a data protection feature available in Windows Vista Enterprise and Ultimate for client computers and in Windows Server "Longhorn". BitLocker is Microsoft's response to a frequent customer request: address these very real threats of data theft or disclosure from lost, stolen or inappropriately decommissioned PC hardware with a tightly integrated solution in the Windows Operating System.

BitLocker is the only conclusion that I can come up with about drive encryption!!!

If I'm wrong,
Someone feel free to correct

  • No support for DVD drives lacking firmware region coding

That's funny because DVD works in my machine.

  • New monitor needed to view Hi-Definition content

And why is that Vista's fault? My old anolog tv doesn't work with hi-def either, so is that the fault of the local tv stations?

  • Vista will encrypt hard drives by Default

Not a problem -- just turn that feature off.

  • Vista won't work with many graphics cards and will remove games developers' ability to cater for older systems

That was a problem with Vista when it first came out too. So nothing new there.

what makes windows vista not able to play games from other windows operating systems is it a file that is not there which file is it and is it possible for a developer programmer to write the file and send it to microsoft so they can put it in a service pack or something....

Your petition is pointless. Not to be rude, but Microsoft is not going to hang around old technology just because people are too ignorant to learn the new and accept change. If we sit on old technology, regardless of the pros/cons we are setting ourselves up for slower advancement. Now, if you're assuming only the home user wants to use XP instead of Vista then good for them, the problems coming from Vista will be significantly reduced in Vienna (Windows 7). There are countless advantages to Vista over XP from a security standpoint but no-one can argue the resource instensive kernal they should have spent another year working on. Regardless, the new OS will require ALOT less resources to run smoothly then Vista. It may take some time, but this petition idea will never matter. The time frame and the resources required for Microsoft to support an Operating System that is outdated in their eyes would be a set back for everyone on the planet. Step up and quit being panseys'! Move on with the world before it moves on without you. If something isn't working for you, learn how to fix it or learn to accept it. Things change, and change is good.

So I've learned,

Some games and programs don't work on vista

There is a file that is essential to XP that Vista no longer needs
thus, it is not included

I think it was "The 3D Game Maker" (I was bored with not much else to do) that wouldn't work w/o a certain file

(Not sure if I wasn't supposed to do this but,) I copied the file from my XP to my Vista, to the correct folder, and the program seemed to work just fine

Although I'm probably not the only one who has done that!!!

so that is the file that is required then????

and does all games work with vista then or just more games that didn't work before


Step up and quit being pansy's'!


Nice way to tear into a thread!!!

Your petition is pointless

Not Mine
Go tell infoworld!!!

Vienna/Windows 7

Still 2 yrs away!!!

resource intensive... should have spent another year working on it

There are countless advantages to Vista over XP from a security standpoint


this petition idea will never matter


If something isn't working for you, learn how to fix it or learn to accept it

Some people don't have the financial resources nor the technological know-how do do this!
Like most of the people I know!!!

And most people don't use things that are not working right which they can't get fixed properly

Things change, and change is good

Yes, but keep in mind that most people are inevitably forced into Windows
Mac isn't compatible with most thing that people want to use on a computer
Linux... IDK

but if you were to read sys req on the packaging of most software Mac and Linux are nowhere to be found...

Not sure what the file is... long time ago!

But 'everything' has worked since!!!

well i will have to fo and find the file then it is most likely a .dll file. could it be opengl file
anyways did you find the information online or did you research all the .dll files that dealt with graphics online or did you get the information from someone.

if you could help me out i would really appreciate it.

we should make a new thread about this......

No. I think it gave me some kind of error message or something
then i googled it

PS. Goggle kicks microsoft and yahoo ass, and all others!!!

PS. Goggle kicks microsoft and yahoo ass, and all others!!!

Sure, but Google sure doesn't!


Just thought I'd throw this subject out and see what opinions would be like

I far as I'm concerned, it turned out quite well

Guess I'll catch yal in another thread!!!

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