I'm interested in phone encryption. Does any of you use PhoneCrypt or can any of you give me some opinions about it? I am not sure if this is the right place to ask but...

It's a phone encryption software from www.securstar.com.

I am planing to use it and I would appreciate suggestions very much.


I haven't used this particular one, although I have used similar software before. If it's going to be used for work you might want to check with your i.t department or at least get their blessings first.

Had a quick look at their website - they're advertising 'phonecrypt' for 800 euros which is a little steep unless it'll be serving an actual purpose rather than just something you fancy getting.

Have you spoken to your network / provider? To see how it will affect your agreement and usuage, because my guess would be that encrypted data from your handset is going to use more bandwidth and therefore may not be allowed by some providers.

Hope this helps,

Dazza :cool:

Hi Dazza!

Thanks for the reply. No it won't be used for work or something like that, it's for personal use.

Meanwhile I managed to contact the support team from SecurStar and they offered me all the answers i requested :) so I've decided to purchase PhoneCrypt.

You are right - the price is a little high but I think it's worth it.

Again, thank you for your ideas and suggestions!