I am a single mom in search of a new computer for myself. We currently have a Dell that was given to us by a very nice organization. The problem is I have 4 teens and a pre-teen, so computer time is way limited. I was browsing on ShopNBC and saw a Laptop from Acer, complete with a Printer, a 17-in LCD monitor, wireless keyboard and mouse, a wirless router...for only 1100. Needless to say, I am skeptical. Is this a good purchase? I am on a serious budget, but a laptop would help me stay on top of my work at home. Please help.

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what RAM and CPU and OS does it have?

I say the 1100 is a good price because it can be paid in 6 payments of 184.99 with a money order no less!
18 hours ago
Im not sure why the monitor is included, unless they are just trying to get rid of it. But: Intel Celeron M 420 (kinda slow huh?), 512MB RAM (expandable), 60GB, DVD Combo Drive, 4 USB Ports, Integrated Intel Graphics Media Acc (huh?), Microsoft Directsound and sound blaster pro, etc. AND $110 in rebates.

fairly standard laptop - but at that price and with the stuff i think thats a good deal. Bear in mind it wont run vista though

rather bad deal. Just got me a Toshiba with a Centrino Core Duo, 1GB RAM, and 120GB harddisk for €849 last week.
Otherwise pretty similar config, 15.4" screen (large enough for most purposes).

Given our prices it should cost something similar in dollars over in the US.

I would suggest that you keep looking around....if your getting a desktop then you could probably find a fairly good computer within 5 - 600$$$$$$ Just keep in mind that you get what you pay for

Go Newegg.com and look at some of their barebone systems. Search for a good dvd combo burner while there and check out the monitors too. Bet you have friends that have a keyboard and mouse that they would give you.Not sure if the os comes with the barebones systems but I think that it would qualify for an OEM priced oc. You will have to buy the processor and ram but you get the case, psu, motherboard for the barebones price. Sugar, you can make that 1100$ get you a better system if you are willing to learn how these things go togather. Daniweb members are more than willing to help you with any problems that may arise in the build. Plus Daniweb has a pretty good thread on building your computer. There would be another plus after the build, you will be so proud of yourself you just might have to enlarge the door to get in and out. Newegg has a thirty day warranty and the manufactures have their own warranty that's usually for three years on paets and labor.

dewabo, he wants a laptop not a desktop

You're right jbennet, she did say that it was alaptop she was looking at. Some where a desktop was brough up and I went off on a tangent about building it herself.
Still think she search around she could fine her laptop for less than the 1100$. Gateway has one for 899$, intel pentium core two processor, 1024mb ram, 60gb sata hdd, 17inch screen.
Dell hastheir Inspiron starting at 769$ to 919$. HP has some starting at450$ to 832$.

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