My name is Bobby obviously, not that obviously is my last name, but it is obvious that my name is... well hopefully you get the idea:P
I'm 22, working for my father in a small computer repair business in central Florida. My interests are gaming, and going out with friends, but mostly gaming:icon_redface: . I love my family, I drive an 89 Regal Buick and when the mood strikes me I imagine I'll probably be found on here.
I am very impressed by the friendliness and the atmosphere of this site, and seeing as I'm not an expert on anything (except maybe gaming) and with this site offering such a wide variety of minds and topics for discussion, I hope to get the chance to chat with many of you very soon. In all actuality I found this site while searching for a resolution to a computer I'm currently working on. Can anyone tell me where I should post a log from HighjackThis in hopes of getting some assistance on the matter?

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post your log in the viruses, spyware and nasties forum

its under tech talk -> windows

Found it, thanks a bunch:)

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