Hey everyone i havent seen to many ppl posting lately so i figured i would see what everyone is up to. well i havent been up to much. i went and saw Bruce almighty this past weekend. it was really good. well i have been a really boring person so i will see what everyone else is doing.


Bruce Almighty was really good :) I just saw it recently too. I used to absolutely hate Jim Carrey when he did all that stuff like Ace Ventura but ever since The Truman Show I have loved him.

i have always loved jim. but i am a hugh fan of Stupid Comedy, and i cant wait to see Dumb and Dumberer.


hey Dani, you seem to be doing alot of work on the forum. what are your plans for it right now. i am jst kind of curious.


Jim Carrey is one of my favs. How can you not like Ace Ventura? I loved both the first and second. Those two are classics. Dumb and Dumber, oh man... I love the Turbo Lax scene! It sucks that Dumb and Dumberer will not have Carrey/Daniels in it.

yeah i was kind of pissed about that but then again i dont know if Carrey/Daniels would be able to play the parts cause of how much younger they would have to look. and it looks like 100 times if not 200 times dumber then the first one.

ooooooooh do I HATE slapstick humor! I'm going to run away from this thread now :shock: 8)