Hey, today someone named Eliza5021 IM'ed me, and said hey i wanna chat. i said whose this? then they said something which I forget, then i said what? because what he said didnt make sense, then he said one mans trash is another mans treasure (your computer for example). about 25 seconds later this came up... im not any computer expert but i think it has need for some attention lol. i know windows xp has a built in firewall or something, but i forget how to enable it. also earlier my computer randomly restarted, but its not the blaster worm. later tonight im scanning the entire computer for a virus, defragging everything, and putting up the firewall if someone can help remind me where it is.

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There are a few bot screennames. They talk to you like a real person, and talk about some weird things. Have you downloaded the new version of AIM? If she keeps IM'ing you, just block her,lol


thx :-D , now is there anything i should check off in the settings link?

If you mean settings for AIM ,sorry I don't use it .


sry i forgot to say, i just did symantec's security check to see what parts of my computer are vulnerable, and with the firewall down 3 out of the 5 were vulnerable, with it up everythings blocked so its fine

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