If voting actually worked it would be illegal.
Its a two party system you have to vote for someone...
hmmm.. ...I wonder which idiot will get elected this time around?

I'm tired of being lied to and hearing political debates over symantics and nonsence.
The media just gobbles this crap up like its sooooo important and feeds garbage
to a willing public.

As for religion, I really dont care what a particular candidate's happens to be
because it doesn't matter. Some argue church and state and others argue
that it lends a moral and a more tangible human quality to each.. ..on the other
hand I argue that first and formost they're a stupid stinking human and with a title
like "Politician" you get a professional liar expect nothing less than slight of hand and rhetoric.
Dont take my word for it though, I'm just an uneducated couch potato that'll eat up anything
you feed me. I am a consumer and a damn good one. I pay my taxes when I earn my loot,
I pay 'em when I spend it, and by god I pay 'em again when I file annually. For all
of that I get wonderful programs like
Social Security, (I feel secure, thats why I got 401k) and Medicare (that works too,
that's why I have health insurance!) all along with the 'right' to vote

The perception of free will is worth far far more than free will on its own.
Get it together people. Go pick your liar and run to the polls. This is as good as it gets.

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