I have a great idea for a discussion forum and havnt a clue how to set it up. Could some of the more senior members help me or direct me to somewhere on here that can? Thanks

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i am confused do you want a server to host a forum for you or do you already have a server and need to know how to set up the forum. Or maybe you want a free forum. which is it be more specific and i might be able to help you here. hey what is the idea by the way.

there is many, I can co-own it with you, and help you set it up and run it for a few weeks then let you be off on your way if you wish. Also if you dont have a forum server set up etc. You can run one free from proboards.com. If you wish to recieve my helping hand please PM me.

hey kenzey.com is offering just forum hosting so you don't need a site with alot of space or with mysql databases

I havn't got a server or anything like that yet. I just have the idea in my head and just wanted to know about how to do it. Id rather not say wat the idea is. No offense to you guys but who knows who else is reading this and may steal the idea

I have a server, not from my home but a few friends in UK allowed me to borrow about 100 meg's of it, but hey try proboards for about 3 months and then make a desicion.

OK Il try proboards for the 3 month. Do you have to pay for it after that? if so how much is it ?

its free for about forever. lol. Unless they deperatly need the money. And if people like it, or i like it you never know. Over time people could fund you. etc, etc.

well, i got it sort of set up now. All I need to do is get a decent header for it cos at the minute it says "chemical king" and I want a good baner or summit for the tittle which is "discuss drugs freely". Now b4 any1 passes judgement this is gonna be a site for ppl to discuss their experiences and ask questions to the expereinced members and maybe get some advice from sum1 who has been there themselfs instead of sum1 who has just read a few books.

You can find the board at :

<< url snipped to comply with forum policy >>

please register and share your views or use the chill out room to discuss other things

Signing up right now.

its a good forum maybe with mixed view, but if you were once on a spree of active drug's or just have had bad moments you would like to share with people already in the forum or soon to come. I can not say i fit in considering im clean, but i feel there pain and have read many books on people who have had some problems with toxin's at one point or another.

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