I recently made a gfx forum (free site) but i only have 7 members9 btw i just made it yesterday) is there anyone tht wants to join or have any tips to have a good forum? the site is joeyj.6.forumer.com

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Perhaps an easy and catchy domain name that people can remember?

I kinda agree. I have a couple of boards that I'm involved with and the name is ok but the url is a nightmare, because its they are free boards and hosted by a particular company so the url is really really long and quite forgettable. Now I can remember them and I have them bookmarked but the first time I tried to show them to someone else that was their major comment - do I have to remember all that, why can't it just be xxxxx.com LOL

get a free url redirection such as yourname.tk or yourname.co.nr
search google "free ur redirection" to get more ppl i wold say join other gfx boards and advertise on thier becuse if everyone is into gfx they will be interested in your website!

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