Hi to all of you out there! :)

I just discovered this site tonight, and I like what I see here. So I decided to register... I'm from Holland, so please excuse me if my English is a little bit weird!!
About myself: I'm 55 years old, and live very happily with my wife in the south of Holland. The last 20 or so years I worked at the regional airport as a meteorologist. Recently I lost my job there because of a reorganisation, and therefore I decided to try to make a job out of my hobby, which is: computers. More precisely: Open Source, Linux, different kinds of servers...
I installed my first Linux distro about 3 years ago (Suse), and many others followed. At this moment I have Debian (Etch) at my main system, Arch Linux on a box that I want to use as a server. It already works as a fileserver (Samba) in my home-network. Apache also works; now I'm studying what I can do with PHP and a MySQL database. I'v got a lot of questions about that, but I'll post them on another forum.
I think that's it for the moment.


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