I'm having problems configuring the 'Scan to Email' facility on a Brother MFC8440 network printer. It's shared on a Small Business Server 2003 network on a standard TCP/IP port. All users can print to it and I can connect, via the web-based console, to change settings. The only trouble is that I'm not sure what the LAN/ SMTP settings need to be in order to get it to email scanned documents. Do I need to change anything within Exchange/ AD?

The printer has a permanent IP address. The default gateway settings point to the address of our router. Boot method is 'STATIC' and APIPA is enabled (both default settings - I'll be honest, I don't know what these refer to). Primary DNS server is the IP address of the Domain Controller (as is the case with all client PCs across the network).

SMTP Server address is the address of the server too (as you're probably aware, in SBS Exchange is on the same server) and the printer has an email address specified (MFC8440@mydomain.co.uk).

Can anyone see any glaring errors in this setup? If not, why do I get the message 'Sending Error' when I try to scan a document to my email address?!

This is driving me mad and I'd be really grateful for anyone's help on this!

Thanks in advance!

Just in case anyone's interested, I found the solution to this... I had to do the following:

Go to the Default SMTP virtual server properties in Exchange System Manager on my SBS server (Administrative Groups>>First Administrative Group>>Protocols>>SMTP>>Default SMTP Virtual Server>>Right-Click>>Properties)

Then, on the 'Access' tab, click on 'Connection' and grant access to the subnet of the network to connect to this virtual SMTP server by clicking 'Add', then ensuring the 'Group of Computers' button is highlighted. Add the first IP address in the range to the 'Subnet Address' box and the Subnet Mask ( to the relevant box.

Then follow the same procedure in the 'Relay' section of this tab.

This allowed the scanner to connect to the SMTP VS and ensured that my scanned documents were relayed through to the correct address.


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