I have just entered the suse 9.2 pro realm and know very little about linux. I have an AMD 700 mghz duron cpu, with win xp on a 30 gig quantum fireball HD, and suse on a 20 gig western digital HD. I have been a mouse pooint and click user all of my computing days so this world of the command line is new to me. I think I am going to like the fact that I have control of how my system works rather than my system working and I have to guess what, and when it is doing.

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Windows users tend to find Linux easier if they start out with a good GUI environment like KDE or Gnome. You don't have to start out using the command line. ;)


try using Fedora, if you like using a visually attractive interface. otherwise, try something like slackware!



SuSE will have KDE / GNOME with it. I think it is KDE. Been a while since I tried it out. Agree that there are good GUI tools out there for Linux. It will take a little bit of getting used to. Do not give up.



As easy as SuSE and Ubuntu are to use, they won't teach you very much about Linux. I don't recommend them unless you don't want to learn anything about Linux.

Using Slackware or Gentoo for one week can teach you far more than months of SuSE. System administration, compiling software, etc.. I would definitely recommend Slackware or Gentoo. If you ever get stuck, remember: Google is your friend.

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