Yep, Nessie as in the monster...;)

Name: Geoff
Nickname: Nessie, Munter
Height: 171cm
Weight: 80kg
Hair: Not much left...but what's there is brown...
Eyes: Blue
Location: Wellington, NZ
Age: 33
Hobbies: Playing with my two daughters, gaming, guitar, fiddlin' about wif computers, learning Linux, C, Python, Ruby

Relationship Status: married

Fav Music: Tool, De La Soul, Prodigy, Tom Waits, Pixies, Infected Mushroom, Jeff Buckley, Faith No More, Bo Diddley, I could go on but I won't...

Education: Maths (Logic, Algebra, Topology), Teaching (tried it for a year and it didn't take)

Work: Quantitative Analyst (SAS/SQL mostly, some VBA)

Favorite Food: Anything except dried fruit and bananas. Seriously. Anything.

Favorite Movies: Best I've seen recently was Superbad. Napoleon Dynamite. Apocalypse Now. There Will Be Blood. Goodfellas. Evil Dead (any of 'em). LOTR. Punch-drunk love. Somebody stop me...

Favorite TV Shows: Lost

Favorite Games: Civilisation, Max Payne, Unreal Tournament

Stuff you Dislike: Another long list with close-minded people at the top, closely followed by the arrogant and self-centred.

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