Well ya,here is the problem
Windows could not start because the following files is missing or corrupt
my brand is samsung
ok, so, this time, a screen with saying insert a xp cd and press "r" to repair it had appear after the boot. here's the problem. This laptop is originally vista, so it came with only vista software disc. But then i changed it to xp by installin xp in it, and i did it in some other country few months ago, so i don't have a xp cd. Now here's the real problem

The screen with the "r" for repair should be after the boot, but after i press something like f4 or f7 for using backup, restore and install function during bootup, then the screen for "r" repair has disappear, now everytime i start the laptop up, only a screen with a flashing "_" appears. how can i fix this problem? and i don't want to reinstall window cause i have some important files in it.

hope someone can help me on that. thx

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You can always get your data off by attaching the HDD onto another PC. Then you can re-build your Windows.

That's provided it's only data you're worried about. Applications - well I hope you have the install stuff.

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