You might not after seeing this! (26 Mins)

Im not surprised by anything i saw on that vid!!

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lol they wanted to charge my mate £200 for 2x wireless network cards, a router + configuration. I told him to let me do it and I got the parts myself for £80 and it took me about an hour tops

Yup anything to extract as much $$$ as they can :(

How do you geek squad make money?

Computers have relaced car repairs for ripoff artist at their best.
But cars are still being done too.

Always go to somebody that has been recomended by a good friend

All the big names would charge you sh!t loads for even small procedures. I got a few quotes from these guys in PCWorld and couple others around my place when i had issues with my pc

Best thing to do is just find some corner shop kinda repair guys and get em to do it. they wont charge that much.