I am managing a website. About 5000 people regsitered in my database and i send them newsletter. Uptil few months back i send newsletter through 30-40 different emails with group of emails in MS-Outlook. But it's realy now time-taking plus technicaly many invalid addresses are now there. So lots of returned mails.
Can somebody tell me about some Free software to send emails to my members. I am using MS Access as database. And how to remove invalid addresses.


Hi Saquibaltaf,

Speaking frankly, I doubt that there is a good free package to do what you want to do.

I suggest that you consider aweber, getresponse, or emailaces.

Yes, you have to subscribe for the full service, but I would suggest that the small monthly investment is worth it for what I presume is a growing database of 5,000+.

The good news, however, is that you can try out all three free for 30 days each!! (Getresponse actually claims to have a permanent free version of its service - you might want to check that out.)

The annual subscription to Getresponse is US $145.40 ($70 off the monthly rate). That's about $12 a month, or forty cents a day! How little are you expecting to make from your mailing list?? ;-)

Not only will you save a lot of TIME (time = money - how much is your time worth???), but you will also present a better platform (or professional image) to your clients.

A professional autoresponder service will automatically deal with undeliverable email addresses - again, saving you TIME and EFFORT!

The suppliers of "free" programs often reclaim your lack of financial investment by advertising their own services on YOUR mailings. This is bad for two reasons:

1. A certain percentage of your clients will click away from your message via the links - potentially losing you money!

2. A certain percentage of your clents will think you are unprofessional/a cheapskate/tightwad etc and refuse to do business with you or not take you seriously.

So, in my opinion, free autoresponders are a FALSE ECONOMY and very bad for your professional image; admittedly, "free" autoresponders are a step up the ladder from using "30-40 different emails" - but please PLEASE consider the importance of conveying the RIGHT IMAGE when you contact your database.

Best wishes - and good luck!

David H

Im suggest you using your own autoresponder or mailer services.Sendstudionx is one of the best email campaign software but make sure your email list is the people who are want to received mail from you(opt-in list) or your site will suspended due to spam rules