Can anyone suggest a good source for learning programming? Any basic language, because I know nothing, but I would love to learn.

I would recommend choosing a language (I personally found c# easiest to learn of the languages I know) and purchasing a good book on that language. For C# I bought "head first C#" and learnt a great deal from it, so I would recomend the Head First series to anybody. There is Head First C, Java, C# and so forth...

The head - first series is incredibly easy to learn from. All books of O'Reilly actually in my opinion. As for starting language, try java (easiest in my opinion due to active debugger) or C#, and start slowly.

Also digging through the documentation for your language can prove helpfull, but you will need the basics first to understand these docs. These are msdn for microsoft and javadoc for java.

Good luck to you.